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List of Courts In Boulder and What They Handle

If you have to go to court in Boulder, either as a plaintiff, defendant, or juror, you might assume that everything happens in the same courtroom. However, there are actually three courts in Boulder. They are the Municipal Court, the County Court, and the District Court. Each court handles different types of cases. Here’s who handles what.

Boulder Municipal Court

Physical Address:

1777 6th Street

Boulder, CO 80302

Mailing Address:

Boulder Municipal Court

P.O. Box 8015

Boulder, CO 80306-8015

If you receive a yellow ticket with a red box in the middle, it’s a Municipal Court summons. The Municipal Court in Boulder handles city ordinance violations. Traffic and parking violations, for example, are addressed at Municipal Court. If you commit a misdemeanor crime or a crime involving animals, your case will also be handled here.

Some other examples of municipal violations are shoplifting, trespassing, and breaking fishing and hunting laws. If you have an argument with your neighbor over noise or property maintenance, these issues can also be brought to the Boulder Municipal Court.

For most traffic citations, you have the option of just paying a fine instead of appearing in court. You can pay your ticket online, by phone, by mail, or in person.

It’s important to remember that by paying the fine to close your case, you are effectively pleading guilty to the charges against you. For traffic violations, that could mean points against your record or even suspension of your license.

For most criminal violations, however, you will be required to appear in court before a judge.

Jury Duty At Boulder Municipal Court

If you get a white, letter-sized Juror’s Summons, you have been summoned for jury duty at the Boulder Municipal Court. Check the Juror Reporting Instructions to see the status of the trial on your summons date and to find out if you have to report for jury duty.

Boulder County And District Combined Court

Physical Address:

1777 6th Street

Boulder, CO 80302

Mailing Address:

Boulder County Combined Court

P.O. Box 4249

Boulder, CO 80306

Boulder County Combined Court – Longmont

1035 Kimbark St.

Longmont, CO 80501

The Boulder County Combined Court has two physical locations. The first is in Boulder proper and the second is in Longmont. These two courts combine the functions of the Boulder County Division and the Colorado 20th Judicial District.

The County and District Combined Court tries both civil and criminal cases. Many crimes, including those involving drug possession, DUI, theft, and domestic violence, are handled by the County and District Combined Court.

The Boulder County Division handles some misdemeanors and traffic violations, civil claims up to $15,000, small claims up to $7,500, and preliminary matters in felony cases. Appeals from the County Court go to the District Court.

The 20th Judicial District handles felonies, divorces, probate, and civil claims over $15,000. The court also handles juvenile cases, including adoption, paternity, and juvenile delinquency. Appeals from the District Court go to the Colorado Court of Appeals or the Colorado Supreme Court.

Jury Duty At Boulder County Combined Court

If you get a red, white, and blue jury duty summons with tear-off sides, you have been summoned for jury duty at the County Combined Court. Make sure you know which location you’ve been summoned to, Boulder or Longmont.

To find out whether or not you need to report for jury duty, you can visit the 20th Judicial District/Boulder County Jury Information page. This is where you can also ask the court to postpone your jury duty or excuse you from jury duty.

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