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Voluntary Manslaughter: What You Need To Know

Attorney Janene McCabe, of McCabe Law, has been representing clients throughout Colorado for 20 years. She brings skill and experience to every case and is eager to defend the rights of those who need it most. As a Public Defender from 2001-2019, she has helped countless people fight for their future. If you are being charged with voluntary manslaughter, put your trust in her hands.

What Makes These Cases So Complex?

In Colorado, voluntary manslaughter falls under second-degree murder. Essentially, this means that someone died due to a bad situation, but that situation did not result from premeditated actions. Oftentimes, people refer to it as a “crime of passion”. It can hold the same penalties as a general second-degree murder charge. More often than not, however, the sentence is slightly reduced.

These cases are especially difficult. It is hard to prove that someone committed a crime in the heat of the moment. It’s even more difficult to show evidence that someone was given information or received treatment that would result in murder. Having an attorney who can cut through the gray area and find answers is crucial. Ms. McCabe has taken over 100 cases to court and brings the things she has learned to every case.

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Depending on the type of murder charges you are looking at, you could be facing anywhere from 2 years to 12 years behind bars. This is not something Ms. McCabe takes lightly. She is here to help you find the light at the end of a very scary tunnel. Call her office in Boulder to schedule a consultation today at 720-996-2422. You can also fill out her online contact form.